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Completed Research

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Status Survey and Atlas

Status reports, surveys and atlas are the Foundation's tried-and-tested method of taking stock of the present and chalking out a future course of action. To facilitate this work, the Foundation does comprehensive study and evaluation of the existent ecospheres, endangered species and status of nature education in Gujarat.

  1. The comprehensive study of Nature Education in Gujarat State

  2. Raptors of Gujarat

  3. Survey of Colonial Breeding  Water Birds of Gujarat State

  4. Status, distribution and habitat Survey of Great Indian Bustard in Gujarat

  5. Status of Gyps Vultures in Gujarat (2005, 2007 & 2010)

  6. Survey and census of Sarus Crane in Gujarat

  7. Status of Dugong in India

  8. Ecological Status of Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary- A Management Perspective

  9. Evaluation Reports on Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Conservation and Management of Mangroves and Coral Reefs by MoEF, GoI

Ecosystem Research

The Foundation also conducts research to build action plans for conservation and management of various ecosystems of Gujarat.

  1. Action Plan for conservation and management of Nalsarovar wetland

  2. Wetland survey of Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary  

Biodiversity Research

GEER Foundation conducts biodiversity researches at different sanctuaries and National Parks of Gujarat. Based on these studies, special measures are designed and implemented to conserve and enhance the existing flora and fauna.

  1. Biodiversity of Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

  2. Biodiversity study in Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

  3. The Status of Biodiversity of Jessore Wildlife Sanctuary

  4. Study on Biodiversity- Vansda National Park

  5. Biodiversity Study of Ratanmahals Wildlife Sanctuary

  6. Biodiversity study of Hingolgadh Wildlife Sanctuary

  7. Biodiversity study of Ramapara Wildlife Sanctuary

  8. Ecological and Biodiversity of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and its Environs

  9. Ecological and biodiversity study of  Thol Lake Sanctuary.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The Foundation carries out environmental impact assessment to understand the impact of fast emerging developmental changes on Gujaratís environment.

  1. EIA of Sardar Sarovar Project on Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary.

  2. EIA of Sardar Sarovar Project on Velavadar National Park.

  3. Rapid Foot Transect (RFT) Study for Movement of Wildlife across the Proposed Kachchh Branch Canal (KBC).

Species and Topic Specific Research

Gujarat's rich biodiversity has been adequately captured in the species-specific research conducted by GEER Foundation.

  1. Recruitment and Growth Study of Coral Reef in the Gulf of Kachchh

  2. Study of floristic diversity and natural regeneration of Mangrove species in selected mangrove habitats in South Gujarat

  3. Pollination biology and reproductive ecology of mangrove species of Gujarat

  4. Medicinal Plants of Gujarat (Eng. / Guj.)

  5. Study of Identifying Coral Reef health indicators in the Gulf of Kachchh

  6. The Comprehensive Study on Nature Education in Gujarat State

  7. Mangroves in Gujarat

  8. Ecological and Socio-Economic Study of Barda Wildlife Sanctuary

  9. Ecological study of Wild Ass Sanctuary- Little Rann of Kachchh

  10. Socio-Economic Feasibility Study of Bamboos & their Products in Gujarat State.

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