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Major Ongoing Projects

Ecological Research

Ongoing Research

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The Foundation is currently involved in carrying our research in different fields of ecology, biodiversity and climate change. These projects are being funded by various entities like the World Bank, the MoEF&CC, GoI, the State Government, the Gujarat Forest Department etc.

  1. Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource Dependent Communities in Kachchh, Gujarat: Strengthening Resilience through Water & Livelihood Security and Ecosystem Restoration
  2.  Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZMP)
  3. Climate Change Projects
  4. Ecological Monitoring of Estuaries of major rivers of Gujarat (Sabarmati, Mahi, Narmada and Tapi).
  5. Ecological Monitoring of Important Wetlands of Gujarat (Pariej, Kanewal, Wadhwana, Chhari Dhundh and Khijadiya Wetlands).
  6. Ecological Monitoring of Nal Sarovar Wetland- a Sanctuary and the Ramsar Site of Gujarat.
  7. Capacity Building of GEER Foundation (for developing a database for marine biodiversity) in Gulf of Kachchh and Gulf of Khambhat under ICZMP
  8. A study on Impacts of Narmada Canal system on Environment and Ecology of the Areas Benefitted by the Canal System in the Parts of North Gujarat, Saurashtra and Kachchh in Gujarat State
  9. Conservation and management of mangroves and coral reefs of the Gulf of Kachchh and Gulf of Khambhat under centrally sponsored scheme (CSS)
  10. Assessment of Impact on Nal Sarovar wetland due to Cotton Cultivation in the Surrounding Landscape.
  11. Inventory of Gujarat and Maharashtra Coral Reefs: Mapping, Monitoring and their Health Assessment.
  12. Climate Change Projects (Study on Nal and Thol lakes to determine Water-level Trend, its causes and likely impacts on their biodiversity, Effect of Climate Change on Major Ecosystems of Gujarat, Assessment of Carbon Storage Potential of Forest Areas of Gujarat and Effect of Climate Change on Major Ecosystems of Gujarat).
  13. Survey of Physical Impacts of Conservation Measures of Seven Protected Areas
  14. Ecology of the Coral Reefs of Gujarat
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