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Our Objectives :

Bird Watching 2018-19

Film titled "Coral Reefs, Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat"- Bilingual educational film in Gujarati and English Languages - 3 minutes promo

ICZMP Interim Reports

Proceedings of the One Day Workshop for the Recovery & Conservation Action Plan for the GIB

Conservation Assessment and Management Plan (CAMP) Workshop for Wild Angiosperms of Gujarat

COMPONENT-C Experimental Coral Transplantation in the Gulf of Kachchh- Compiled Progress Report based on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Interim Reports

Status of Gyps Vultures in Gujarat-2016

Vulture Population survey in Gujarat-2012

Status of Gyps Vultures in Gujarat-2010

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In 1977, as a step towards boosting Gujarat's efforts for better environment protection & conservation, Gujarat Prakriti Mandal, Government of Gujarat (GoG), formed  Natural..............
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