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Periodicals :


Srushti - a quarterly publication by GEER Foundation - is a thematic magazine with an in-depth analysis and detailed account of wildlife and nature. Srushti is a periodical magazine published by the Foundation. Different issues of the magazine are dedicated for different subjects. So far the special issues on the subjects like Marine life, Sarus Crane, Dog Family, Reptiles, Raptors, Dog Family, Deer, Antelope and Wild Ass, Biodiversity, Mangroves, Migration, Trees, Grass & Grassland Birds, Small Mammals, Dinosaurs and Fossils, Gir, Wetlands, Wetlands and Ramsar Sites, Habitat, Adaptation, Extinction-1 & 2, Animal Behaviour, Medicinal Plants, Marine Life etc. have been published. These issues with excellent photographs have become very popular among the people, wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists etc. 

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Sah-Astitva- a bi-monthly newsletter- disseminates information pertaining to Joint Forest Management in the State since June 2003.


Parayavaran Setu- a quarterly newsletter- facilitates networking among 6,501 eco-clubs established under the National Green Corps Programme in the State.


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