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Production of Nature Education Materials


An Interactive CD-ROM
  1. "Wing of Nature" - an interactive CD-ROM
    covering about 570 Birds (including 526 birds of Gujarat)

Forests and Wildlife Maps
  1. Educational maps showing forests and wildlife areas of Gujarat.

  1. "Natural Heritage of Gujarat" (English / Gujarati)
  2. "Sarus - Gujarat Nu Gaurav" (Gujarati film on Sarus Crane)
  3. "Jhajha Haath Raliyamana" (Gujarati film of JFM)
  4. "Born To Fly" - Nesting Birds of Indroda Nature Park (English)
  5. "Prakruti Na Parne" (Gujarati)
  6. Marine Biodiversity in MNP- GOK
  7. Gidh- Sangharshmay Udaan
  8. Kalo Koshi- Police Pakshi





  1. "The Coral Reef ecosystems and conservation Initiatives - Gulf of Kachchh
  2. "Save sea Turtles"
  3. Four-Day bird watching programme for armature bird watcher
  1. Indroda Nature Park - English
  2. Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary (Gujarat / English)
  3. Wild Ass Sanctuary (Gujarati / English)
  4. Paryavaran (Gujarati)
  5. Sarus (Gujarati)
  6. Dinosaur and Fossils Park
  7. Folder and awareness leaflets on
    "Save sea turtle campaign in Gujarat"
Miscellaneous Productions
  1. Handbook of Birds in and around Indroda Nature Park
  2. Wildlife Quiz Cards (Gujarati / English)
  3. An interactive CD on Forests and Wildlife of Gujarat
  4. "Vidhyarthi Jagat ane Paryavaran"

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