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Organising Workshops, Training Programmes etc.


The Foundation organises workshops, seminars, lectures etc. on various issues pertaining to nature conservation. The Foundation has also organised a number of national or regional seminars, workshops, training programmes etc.


Proceedings of the One Day Workshop (July 19, 2013) for the Recovery & Conservation Action Plan for the GIB


1. Title Page of the Proceedings

2. Proceedings of the Workshop

3. Annexure-I: List of Invitee Dignitaries and Expert Participants

4. Annexure-II-A, Annexure-II-B and Annexure-II-B: Presentations

5. Annexure-III: Note on the Conservation of Ghorad in Kachchh by Dr. M. K. Ranjitsinhji


Conservation Assessment and Management Plan (CAMP) Workshop for Wild Angiosperms of Gujarat



Conservation Assessment and Management Plan and Plants of Gujarat (CAMPPGujarat)

Conservation Assessment and Management Plan (CAMP) of Wild Angiosperms including Medicinal Plants of Gujarat is going to organize a Workshop by the Gujarat Forest Department and the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

  • Dates will be announced shortly

  • The workshop will adopt IUCN Guidelines and CAMP Process

  • Relevant background reading material is available on the following links

          o   List of Wild Angiosperm Plant Species of Gujarat

          o   IUCN Guidelines 9.0 Red list CATEGORIES & CRITERIA

          o   Presentation- CAMP Introductory

          o   CAMP Process

          o   CAMP Method

          o   CAMP BI Sheet

          o   Format for List of Wild Angiosperms of Gujarat

List of Angiosperm Plant Species will be assessed in the CAMPPGujarat


The background material is also available at IUCN Website i.e.

For further details send e-mail to Dr. Harshad Salvi, Scientist, GEER Foundation on the following E-mail ID:

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