Indroda Nature Park

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Indroda Nature Park

Indroda Nature Park (INP) is spread over an area of about 400 ha in Gandhinagar- the capital city of Gujarat. The Park is divided into two parts on the banks of river Sabarmati. The western part is known as Indroda Nature Park and the eastern part of the river Sabarmati is known as Wilderness Park.

The Indroda Nature Park is open for public from Tuesday to Sunday, 0800 hrs to 1730 hrs.

Entry Fees of Indroda Nature Park vide this office Letter No. EST/1/B-1863-64 Dated 16/05/2017

Entry Fees for Visitors
1 Up to 5 Years Free
2 5 - 12 Years 15.00
3 Above 12 years 30.00
4 Students from Schools / Colleges / Teachers [Institution Group Programme] 8.00
5 Physically disabled Free
6 Institutional / General / Members of GEER Foundation Free
Entry Fees for Vehicles [Up to Parking Place]
1 Two Wheeler- Scooter / Bike / Moped etc. per vehicle 15.00
2 Light M.Vs [Car etc.] per vehicle 30.00
3 Heavy Vehicle- Luxury Bus, Truck etc. (from schools / colleges etc.) 90.00
4 Heavy Vehicle- Luxury Bus, Truck etc. - Private 120.00
Entry Fees for Film shooting
1 First Four Hours per Day 6000.00
2 More than four Hours per Day 12000.00

The above rates are with effects from 01/06/2017.

The schools / colleges coming for the educational purposes should submit an official letter with the list of students.


Indroda-Nature-Park The zoo at INP has animals like leopard, spotted deer, sambar, bluebull, blackbuck, chinkara, jackal, four-horned antelope, crocodile, porcupine, about 180 birds (42 species of birds in the aviary). The Park has about 65 birds which build their nests every year in the wilderness of the park. In the snake park, there are number of venomous and non-venomous snakes.


Indroda-Nature-Park The skeletons of two blue whales (an adult and a juvenile), one dolphin and a dugong have been displayed with detailed interpretation. The fossils of a large number of sea animals have also been displayed.


Indroda-Nature-Park The botanical garden at INP has an arboretum with 300 tree species of different agro-climatic zones of Gujarat, a green house with a number of plants under controlled humid conditions, a cactii house having 200 species of cactii and a medicinal plant garden with 250 medicinal plant species.

Development of botanical garden is going on at present and the herb, shrub and climber species that are found in Gujarat are collected and planted in the extended portion of the botanical garden.

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